David B. Seaburn

Parrot Talk

I am pleased to announce that my latest novel, Parrot Talk will be released on May 11 2017 by Black Rose Writing.  I am excited to see this novel published. I have been working on it for over three years and at times wondered if it would ever come to fruition. Here is a snapshot of the story:

Lucas and Grinder are more than a little surprised and confused to hear that their mother, Millie, who they haven’t heard from in over thirty years, has died. Now her best friend wants them to come to Pittsburgh to take care of their mother’s effects, chief among them being Paul. A road trip ensues with memorable stops at a Racino, a Pittsburgh landmark greasy spoon and finally a ride on an incline trolley to meet their mother’s friend, Janice. They are taken aback when she introduces them to Paul, an African grey parrot in the depths of grief, who has things to say that will change their lives. And so a transformative adventure begins.

 This is a humorous story with a deep heart. It is about brotherhood and family attachment, loss, grief, love, and reconciliation. It will make the reader laugh and cry....but mainly laugh.


I wanted to do something different in this novel. I wanted to write a humorous story and I wanted it to be driven by dialogue. I was interested in bringing out a different aspect of my writing voice. I have found in the past that I enjoy dialogue and think it is the best way to develop characters. In my last novel and in Charlie No Face, I dabbled a bit with humor, but felt this was a story in which humor would be an effective way to address what are less than humorous themes---abandonment by a parent, substance abuse in a family, loss and grief. The juxtaposition of humor and real-life challenges makes for (what I hope is) and rich and nuanced story. 
If you would like to purchase a copy, the easiest way to do it is by copying and pasting this amazon address (sorry, I have not figured out how to link directly; my bad): 


If you are in Rochester NY on Monday May 22, come to Writers and Books on University Ave in the city for a book release reception.reading/signing. Light refreshments will be served.