Chimney Bluffs

When their four-year-old son, Danny, dies suddenly, Mitch and Kate’s grief overwhelms them. Conflicted about going on with their lives, Mitch and Kate decide to leap from a cliff at Chimney Bluffs.

When the couple is found by park rangers, Clancy and Bobby, Kate is still very much alive. What follows is a poignant and powerful story of three strangers, each facing a tragic loss, who together find friendship and healing.

Published: September 2012 by Savant Books and Publications

Available in: Paperbackand as an e-book on Google Play and Kindle

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When eleven-year-old Jackie meets every kid's greatest nightmare -- disfigured hermit Charlie No Face -- his life is changed forever. Despite nagging questions about the death of his mother when he was an infant, the summer of 1959 is shaping up as the best vacation of Jackie's short life. He has friends, baseball, his father's unanticipated vacation from work, and the hunt for Charlie No Face to fill his days. But in a few short weeks, Jackie's life is turned upside down. He moves in with a distant relative whose shadowy boarder holds the key to Jackie's past and, perhaps, his future. Who is this man who won't go out in the light of day but who roams the woods at night? Could it be? Charlie No Face is a coming-of-age story in which a misunderstood recluse and a young boy redeem each other's lives through a most unlikely friendship.


I am very excited about this book because it addresses one of the most significant challenges one can face---tragic loss. It focuses on the grief process and how close relationships can be the key to not only surviving, but healing.


Sprirtmover writes:
A moving story about a family caught in the grips of difficult circumstances and choices. The author's easy, conversational style makes for a compelling read. Flashes of humor and humanity shine through. It has made me want to go explore this unique landmark in upstate NY.
JB writes:
I liked the book because it is an easy read. Since I lived in Rochester my whole, love you added real places. It also gave me the hope for society to not judge someone when you don't know the whole story.
Kecia writes:
Dave Seaburn's growth as an author is clearly evident in his latest book, CHIMNEY BLUFFS. This is a wonderfully written novel about tragic heartbreak and loss and the healing that follows. Set in Western NY on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario at the Spectacular Chimney Bluffs State Park, this story immediately commands the reader's attention and takes them on a journey through tragedy, healing, forgiveness, compassion and friendship. The local flavor of the region is woven into the story adding extra enjoyment for those readers native to the setting. If you enjoyed reading Dave's last book, CHARLIE NO FACE, you are sure to be captivated by this latest work as well. Both works of fiction are highly recommended by this reviewer.